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The Scoop – What The World Is Saying About Oklahoma


·        Tennell Seizing Opportunity – After never really living up to the hype of being the nation’s number three ranked receiver coming out of high school, Adron Tennell is stepping up as a senior and setting the pace for the younger guys.


 "Yeah, I think he is playing a lot more aggressive now," Bradford said. "He goes after the ball probably with more confidence than he has in years past. That could be because he has been here longer and he does feel more comfortable in our offense. But I think knowing that he has a chance to be one of our top targets probably adds to that."

·        OU Hoping/Banking On Veterans Paving The WayA new offensive line and new receivers isn’t a concern for Bob Stoops because of the guys he has returning on offense.

"They’re going to look around, and there’s a lot of guys that have played a lot of excellent football, and they feel they’ve got to live up to playing like these guys," Stoops said. "I would expect and hope that that pressure would be there, that you guys need to play at this level. This is what we’re used to."

Peer pressure isn’t always a negative. It can create a standard everyone agrees to maintain. Every college football program would love to have a high one that players strive every day to meet.

The belief is OU has enough experienced leaders in players like quarterback Sam Bradford, left tackle Trent Williams, tight end Jermaine Gresham, fullback Matt Clapp, tight end/fullback/center Brody Eldridge and running backs DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown, that going about things the right way will easily rub off upon those starting for the first time.

"It’s good to have these older guys who you can lean on," redshirt freshman center Ben Habern said. "It makes things easier when you have guys who can tell you exactly how you need to play."

·        Denver Post uses our site name as an opening line.

·        Three All-Americans And Counting NBC Sports has come out with their preseason All-American team and it features three Sooners.

Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma, Senior
Oklahoma hasn’t possessed such a weapon at tight end in more than two decades, when first-round pick Keith Jackson made life miserable for opposing secondaries.

Gresham considered the NFL draft, where he probably would’ve duplicated Jackson’s first-round status, but opted for a return to the Sooners.

On a touchdown-happy offense, Gresham is one of the top threats, especially in the red zone. He already has 26 career touchdowns.

·        BYU Loses Only Returning Offensive Line Starter  – Looks like a broken hand will cost the Cougars their only returning starter on the offensive line in their season opening match-up with Oklahoma.

·        At Least The Cougars Are Having Fun!

·        Too Much Is Being Made Of Oklahoma’s Third Team CenterSo Brody Eldridge is taking some snaps as Oklahoma’s third-team center. Here’s the thing, if Oklahoma is forced to play the third-team center then it doesn’t matter who they put out there because they’re in trouble.

"Believe it or not, Brody's the best blocker on our team. Technique-wise and finishing-wise, don't nobody equal up to Brody – not even myself," said Trent Williams, the 318-pound tackle who gave up the chance to enter the NFL draft early to come back for his senior season.

"Moving Brody down there, he's been just like an O-lineman the whole time he's been here."

·        Sooners Are 22 Point Favorites Over BYU!