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The Scoop – What The World Is Saying About Oklahoma


Fall Practice Update 8-11-09

Practices open to the public – Oklahoma will open up two of its practices to the public. Thursday and Monday evenings practices will be open to public viewing for the first hour. Both practices are set to begin at 6:00pm.


Kenny and Reynolds are turning heads – Yesterday we discussed the impact that Cameron Kenny was having on the special teams as a punter but how is he doing catching the football? According to Kevin Wilson both Kenny and freshman Jaz Reynolds are ahead of Jameel Owens and Dejuan Miller at this point.


"Jaz Reynolds and Cameron Kenny have made more plays than those guys in seven-on-seven and one-on-one drills," Wilson said. "One guy has 30 catches and one guy has eight. So who are you going to play?"

Trent Williams is the best – While Coach Wilson was in the mood for heaping praise he may have given one of the best complements ever to an offensive lineman when he called Trent Williams the best he’s ever coached.


"Yeah, I heard about it," Trent Williams said. "I take it as motivation to go out there and be the best. Coach Wilson is a great coach and he has different tactics of motivating people."


In the past five seasons the Sooners have won four Big 12 championships. In that time, they also won the Holiday Bowl in 2006, attended two Fiesta bowls, and two BCS National Championship games.

Last season was one for the record books, but the Sooners couldn’t finish against a tough Florida defense.

However, 2009 could be the year the Sooners and head coach Bob Stoops win another BCS title.

·        And here’s one more

·        BYU is just as excited about the season opener as OU is, if not more.

"It is more intense, knowing you have to open up against a big-time opponent, and knowing you've got to be at your best that first game — no room for mistakes like playing Northern Iowa, where if you make mistakes, you can battle back," said quarterback Max Hall. "If we make mistakes (against Oklahoma), they're going to crush us. We've got to go in there with the mindset that we're going to give them a fight, we're going to play sound football, and we're going to take it to the end."

The Cougars are trying to simulate game situations against OU. Good luck with that!

"We're pushing the tempo as quickly as we can," explained coach Bronco Mendenhall. "There's a lot more things going on in terms of making it more game-like, faster and pushing the scheme as quickly as possible. I think it will be effective."