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The Scoop – What The World Is Saying About Oklahoma

When you have the longest home winning streak in the nation then people want to see you play. Oklahoma’s season ticket renewal is at 99%. Aren’t we supposed to be embarrassed for losing the BCS bowl games in spite of three consecutive conference championships? I guess that’s just something losers say.

OU officials said the school’s average renewal rate for season football tickets is around 96 percent, but that figure has not dipped below 94 percent in the Stoops era.


ESPN’s Tim Griffin acknowledges that the 99% renewal rate is an amazing feat in a struggling economy.

Isn't there supposed to be a recession that hampers discretionary spending across the country?

Oklahoma football appears to be about as immune to economic forces as any entity after the school announced they have a 99 percent retention rate among season-ticket holders.

He actually thinks that Oklahoma football season tickets are discretionary spending. That’s kinda cute.

One thing is clearly evident with a 99% renewal rate. OU fans are unrivaled in loyalty.


Despite an imperiled economy and 21st century ticket prices, Oklahoma fans have proven a loyal bunch. Or, to be accurate, an almost perfectly loyal bunch.


The Roy Williams "Superman" play ranks as Tim Griffin’s #3 Big 12 Memory.

Bob Stoops warned Roy Williams not to leave his feet.

Fortunately for the Sooners, Williams didn't listen. His well-timed jump led to arguably the biggest defensive play in Big 12 history and the clinching moment of one of Stoops' most memorable and satisfying victories.

A Stillwater Sports Editor releases his preseason Big 12 football picks.

Every year, the Big 12 asks the media covering the league to pick how we think each division will finish and choose a preseason all-conference team. The selections will be announced during the media days.

So Big 12 media sits down with a blank ballot, 12 teams to list and 26 players to pick.

The Big 12 vs. SEC debate is still raging.

"Three teams – Oklahoma, Texas and Oklahoma State – will probably open next season in the top 10. And excellence hasn't been limited to a few. Since the conference's formation, eight of the 12 teams have been ranked in the Associated Press poll's top five during November.

"The conference featured four of the five vote-getters for the 2008 Heisman Trophy, including winner Sam Bradford and runner-up Colt McCoy.

"Seven Big 12 players were selected in the first round of this year's NFL draft, a high-water mark."

Is the Big 12 South the best division in all of college football?

Last season the Big 12 South football division did something no other conference, let alone division has ever done. They had four teams ranked in the top eight in the country during a four-week span.

More to the amazing facts is that three teams finished the regular season at 11-1. The three were Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech. Another first which was brought about by the Big 12 South was for the first time in the 74-yard history of the Heisman trophy award was that four of the five top finishers came out of the same division.

Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford took the prestigious award and the Longhorns Colt McCoy finished second. Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell and his teammate Michael Crabtree finished fifth.

Steward Mandel releases his list of the Top 5 Coaching Legends of all time. Bud Wilkinson is number 5!

5. Bud Wilkinson: His Sooners of the late '40s and '50s were arguably the sport's greatest dynasty, capturing 13 straight conference titles and three national titles and achieving an NCAA-record 47-game winning streak. Only his early retirement at age 47 precluded further greatness.

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