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The Scoop – What The World Is Saying About The Sooners


More love  for the 2009 OU/Texas game as our favorite ESPN blogger, Bruce Feldman, has the Red River Rivalry as his top Must See Game of 2009.


You won't find a better QB battle this year than when Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy get together. It's no stretch to think the Heisman, the Big 12 title and possibly a BCS title game berth will be on the line here. Oh, and there's also the jilted feeling from the Longhorns for being passed over by the Sooners last year, a team they beat in this one in 2008. The Sooners, who have lost three of the past four, need to reassert themselves in the rivalry.


Bedlam also makes his Top 5


Former OU quarterback Jack Mitchell was large in life and left a lasting impact on the game of football.


Jack Mitchell’s personality made him a winner as Bud Wilkinson’s first Oklahoma quarterback and as a football coach who recruited Barry Switzer to the University of Arkansas.


Crimson and Cream Machine loses respect for former OU offensive lineman Brandon Walker.


Shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday, Norman police responded to a call at the residence of the alleged female victim, who, according to Judy, was in a dispute with Walker over their child.


SBN’s LA Clippers Blog (Clips Nation) invites us over to discuss Blake Griffin.