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Sooners Dominate The Preseason All Conference Teams

On Friday the Big 12 media released their Preseason All Conference Team but were beaten to the punch by SBN’s Big 12 bloggers who released their own version of the All Conference Team on Thursday. While I didn’t get the SBN list posted on Thursday (Give me a break, I’m on vacation) I thought it would be fun to compare what the bloggers came up with as opposed to the mainstream media. In doing so, the thing that became most evident was that everyone likes Oklahoma.

Pos SBN Media
OL Russell Okung (OSU) Russell Okung (OSU)
OL Trent Williams (OU) Trent Williams (OU)
OL Chris Hall (UT) Chris Hall (UT)
OL Adam Ulatoski (UT) Adam Ulatoski (UT)
OL Kurtis Gregory (MU) Brandon Carter (TT)
QB Sam Bradford (OU) Sam Bradford (OU)
WR Dezmon Briscoe (KU) Dezmon Briscoe (KU)
WR Dez Bryant (OSU) Dez Bryant (OSU)
WR Jordan Shipley (UT)
RB DeMarco Murray (OU) DeMarco Murray (OU)
RB Kendall Hunter (OSU) Kendall Hunter (OSU)
FB Matt Clapp (OU)
DE Sergio Kindle (UT) Sergio Kindle (UT)
DE Auston English (OU) Jeremy Beal (OU)
DL Ndamukong Suh (NU) Ndamukong Suh (NU)
DL Gerald McCoy (OU) Gerald McCoy (OU)
LB Sean Weatherspoon (MU) Sean Weatherspoon (MU)
LB Joe Pawelek (BU) Joe Pawelek (BU)
LB Travis Lewis (OU) Travis Lewis (OU)
S Darrell Stuckey (KU) Darrell Stuckey (KU)
S Jordan Lake (BU) Jordan Lake (BU)
CB Dominique Franks (OU) Dominique Franks (OU)
CB Perrish Cox (OSU) Earl Thomas (UT)
K Alex Henery (NU) Alex Henery (NU)
P Derek Epperson (BU) Derek Epperson (BU)
KR Perrish Cox (OSU) Perrish Cox (OSU)


The discrepancies are very few between the two lists. It’s a matter of three common position players and then a few left off each list. The media did not recognize a fullback position and SBN did which put Oklahoma’s Matt Clapp on the team. We (SBN) also gave credit to three receivers (instead of the two that the media allowed) which put Jordan Shipley from Texas on the team. Finally, SBN didn’t place a roster spot for a punt returner which left no room for O-State’s Dez Bryant.  

What you do find here are a lot of similarities which means one of three things. First, the Big 12 is just that cut and dry. The balance of power is such that the “haves” and the “have not’s” are so distinct that anyone can pick them out. Second, SBN’s bloggers know their stuff. This would give credibility to the guys who spend time writing for these blogs as being knowledgeable fans who can not only articulate their opinions into thought provoking posts but also posses knowledge of what is happening around the conference. Third, the media copied off the bloggers. Remember, SBN’s list was released a day earlier. I don’t believe that there is any truth at all to the first or third theories which means there must be some validity to the second one.