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Eight Sooners Selected For The Preaseason All-Big 12 Team

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The Preseason All-Big 12 teams were announced today and they have a very strong Oklahoma presence on it. Eight Sooner, led by Preseason Offensive Player of the Year Sam Bradford, made the team while five Oklahoma St. Cowboy's made the team.

The team is also very slanted to the South as 21 of 26 players on the team are from the South division.

In addition to the 8 Sooners and 5 Cowboy's, four players represent Texas, three from Baylor, two from Kansas and Nebraska each and one each from Texas Tech and Missouri.

The full team is after the jump.


  • WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
  • TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma
  • OL Russell Okung, Oklahoma State
  • OL Trent Williams, Oklahoma
  • C Chris Hall, Texas
  • OL Adam Ulatoski, Texas
  • OL Brandon Carter, Texas Tech
  • WR Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas
  • QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
  • RB Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State
  • RB DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
  • PK Alex Henery, Nebraska
  • KR Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State


  • DL Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
  • DL Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
  • DL Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma
  • DL Sergio Kindle, Texas
  • LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
  • LB Joe Pawelek, Baylor
  • LB Travis Lewis, Oklahoma
  • DB Darrell Stuckey, Kansas
  • DB Jordan Lake, Baylor
  • DB Dominique Franks, Oklahoma
  • DB Earl Thomas, Texas
  • P Derek Epperson, Baylor
  • PR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State