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The Scoop – What The World Is Saying About Oklahoma

John Helsley points out that not only are the Sooners loaded with talent this year but they are also loaded with leadership.

The Sooners return plenty of firepower for their 2009 title pursuit.

There’s a Heisman Trophy winner in Sam Bradford and stars on offense and defense among 21 players back with starting experience.

But when assessing OU’s assets, don’t underestimate another key element: Leadership.  

The Sooners have that, too, perhaps in abundance, with 14 players entering at least their third seasons as major contributors.

Lincoln Journal Star sees Oklahoma poised to make another run at the BCS Championship.

Listen, with Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford back at quarterback, Oklahoma has a chance to be as prolific as 2008, when it became only the third team in college football history to score more than 700 points. With the exception of the offensive line, OU is loaded.


The Daily Oklahoman reports that Oklahoma has moved to using a two running back system. Way to be on top of it guys!

In addition to keeping running backs fresh, the impact of the two-back system has been considerable.


It’s changed the way schools with proud running back traditions have recruited. Instead of targeting one running back, these schools have been able to stockpile because they’re now playing multiple running backs.

Oklahoma is setting the tone for scheduling elite non-conference games in the Big 12.

For the second straight year, the Sooners' non-conference schedule is undoubtedly the toughest in the Big 12—not that it is a hard feat in the Big 12, a conference that has a plethora of teams that schedules cupcakes as not only a rule but a philosophy.

Kansas State, Texas Tech, and A&M are notoriously horrible schedulers, and although the philosophy definitely helped Bill Snyder build something at Kansas State, it seems to have been contagious, as teams like Kansas have opted to go for another payday instead of testing their team's mettle before the conference season starts.

OU was once one of the offenders that notoriously scheduled cupcakes but has made huge strides in the past few years in scheduling big-name teams from well-known conferences.

Fifteen best plays of the Stoops era.

Is the spread offense diminishing the role of the offensive lineman?

Some football truths we hold to be self-evident. Like this one: Offensive lines are the broad shoulders to success. The coal miners and meat packers who determine victory or defeat while the pretty boys receive the cheers.


Only one problem. It’s not so evident anymore.


Oh, they still make blockers like they used to. Even better. Bigger, stronger, quicker, tougher. Smarter, too. Smartest guys on the field, next to the quarterback.


It’s not the linemen who have changed. It’s the game. Spread formations. Quick passes. Quarterbacks who wouldn’t know a pocket if you sewed one on their forehead.

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