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Mossis Madu Now On The Depth Chart As A Receiver


As dishingoutdimes posted earlier, the newest football depth chart has been released by the Oklahoma athletics department. While there’s room for discussion about Ryan Reynolds being absent from the middle linebacker position, I think it speaks more to the severity of his knee injury than anything else.

Most notable to me was that Mossis Madu was totally off the running backs chart and now appears behind Ryan Broyles at the receiver spot. Coming in for the injured DeMarco Murray in the Big 12 Championship game, Madu rushed for 114 yards and 3 touchdowns on just 15 carries (7.6 ypc). The rumor all along had been that with the load of talent Oklahoma has at the running back position and the versatility that Madu posses he would be switched to the slot. It looks like now that is a reality.

Other Depth Chart Notes


  • Offensive Line – As it stands right now (keep in mind this is just the preseason depth chart) Oklahoma’s offensive line includes two seniors, a junior, a sophomore and a freshman. The freshman listed is Ben Habern at the center position. Habern received a medical redshirt for last season after suffering an ankle injury in the Baylor game. He played just 9 plays last season and recorded a knockdown on each one.
  • Two Tight End Formation Listed – Don’t look too much into this but the depth chart lists a two tight end/two receiver formation. I firmly believe that we’ll see multiple formations again this year but with seniors Brody Eldridge and Jermaine Gresham listed as starters the Sooners have both help in blocking as well as defensive mismatches.
  • Special Teams Left Blank – Again, don’t look too much into this because the return positions won’t be filled until August (cough…Dominique Franks…cough…cough) and after last season’s woes there is clearly an open competition for place kicker.