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3 NCAA Hoops Rules Changes for Next Year

An NCAA committee got together in Indianapolis recently, and decided that the following rules changes needed to be made:

  • You cannot draw a charge in the area between the backboard and the front of the rim. This isn't quite the "half circle" in the NBA, but it's a similar concept.
  • When a player is injured on a foul, and gets to shoot free throws, the shooting team's coach used to be able to select any player from their bench or on the court to take the free throw. Now the opposing coach can select from one of the four remaining players on the court.
  • Extended replay will exist for flagrant foul reviews. This is the only rules change which will occur in men's and women's basketball. Flagrant fouls result in an ejection.

That's all! These rules changes will take effect next season. What do YOU think? Are these good changes?