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Sooner Rookies Make Good First NFL Impression

Phil Loadholt had his first workout with the Minnesota Vikings over the weekend and apparently made a huge splash as the biggest man on the Vikings roster. According to a quote in the Star Tribune, Vikings coach Brad Childress was very upbeat about Loadholt’s potential.

"You can't miss him," Childress said when asked about Loadholt after the team's first rookie minicamp workout Friday.

"I told these guys here, 'That's a big man.' Great reach. Athletic. Got good feet. With his reach and that length, it's hard [for defenders] to get away from that guy."

Loadholt is competing with Ryan Cook for the starting right tackle spot but Childress says that he believes him to be versatile enough to play both tackle spots.

Also making a good first impression was Juaquin Iglesias who according to a Chicago Sun Times report is competing for an open receiver spot.

The reports are positive regarding Iglesias as well. He stood out for how well he’s put together at around 6-foot-2 212-pounds and he showed good quickness coming out of his breaks in the route running he was doing, and showed great hands catching numerous balls in practice.

Coach Smith stated “I liked what our receivers did, Juaquin Iglesias and Johnny Knox. Both have a lot of upside and can run well.”

At the Buffalo Bills’ rookie camp Nic Harris made a play where people took notice and is adjusting to playing linebacker. SBN’s Buffalo Rumblings has this snippet about Harris.

Defensively fifth-round pick Nic Harris had a pass breakup on a play that was going to tight end Travis McCall. Harris shadowed the tight end well in coverage and got his hand in the passing lane to prevent the completion.

"I'm just trying to make plays," said Harris. "Right now just being an  athletic guy, being brought down to the linebacker position. I played a little bit at OU, not necessarily linebacker, but covering receivers and stuff like that. Kind of with the scheme right now it's an every down linebacker. It's new, but I'm learning on the curve."

The Other Guys

The only thing I could dig up on Duke Robinson is that he’ll wear #72 for the Panthers. Dishingoutdimes reported to us that Manny Johnson was not among the injured in the collapse of the Cowboys’ training facility. Although the rookie camp was cut short due to the tragedy Johnson was able to receive some pointers from former Dallas All-Pro receiver Michael Irvin.