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Manuel Johnson Not Injured In Cowboys Practice Facility Collapse


NORMAN, Okla. - Former Oklahoma receiver Manuel Johnson escaped injury Saturday when the Dallas Cowboys' indoor training facility collapsed during a severe thunderstorm in Irving, Texas.

According to the Dallas Morning News, a total of 12 people were hurt when the storm knocked down the air-supported, metal frame structure that covered the team's practice field. About 70 people, including more than two dozen of the team's rookies, were in the facility when it was blown down.

Johnson was a seventh-round draft pick by the Cowboys in the most recent NFL Draft. He said Sunday that he was working out at the facility when the accident occurred, but was uninjured.

Good news for Manny Johnson. It's a really unfortunate story though - the Cowboys practice facility collapse. Certainly all of our thoughts and prayers go out to the 12 people injured in the building collapse.