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Norman Regional Update: Hogs Win/Season Over For Sooners

Oklahoma’s ride in the NCAA baseball tournament has finally come to an end and it was at the hands of a familiar foe. The Sooners pretty much made it a habit of losing to Arkansas this season and the latest episode may have been the ugliest as OU failed to record a hit until the 9th inning. Arkansas pitcher Drew Smyly was superb over 9 1/3 innings, pitching a no-hitter, before Trey Sperring was able to reach on an infield single. By that time the damage was already done and Arkansas rolled out of Norman with an 11-0 win and the regional championship.


Oklahoma’s pitching failed to produce in the post season resulting in a 1-2 mark in the Big 12 Championship and two embarrassing regional losses to the Razorbacks who outscored OU 28-6.


Smyly’s performance was so impressive that after Sperring’s single he left the field to a standing ovation from both Arkansas and Oklahoma fans. The Sooners finished the season with a 43-20 record.