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"LA's Tight"

Words of wisdom from the big brother.

Blake Griffin received a text with those two words from his big brother Taylor moments after the #1 draft pick was awarded to the Los Angeles Clippers.

"L.A.'s tight. That's all. He's a man of few words, but we think on the same level," said Blake of his older brother.

ESPN has up a pretty thorough article on the whole experience for Griffin, and the general reaction. For those of you with a short attention span, here's the highlights:

  • Apparently Blake was eating salmon. Good choice, I like salmon. On to the serious stuff...
  • Blake's agents have talked to all 30 teams and they all agreed that Blake was the pick if they were sitting at #1.
  • Mike Dunleavy, the Clippers coach, was in Spain on Tuesday Night watching Ricky Rubio in the Spanish playoffs in case the Clippers didn't get the top pick.
  • Clippers assistant GM Neil Olshey basically admitted they were taking Griffin.
  • Griffin showed that he's researched the Clippers roster a bit, thinking he could work well with Chris Kaman and Baron Davis.
  • Blake talked with David Stern for 30-45 minutes (a pretty lengthy chat to say the least)
  • Griffin designed an OU hat, here's the details (maybe I should get one):

Griffin said the hat he designed will be OU colors crimson and cream, with a "BG" on the back and the word "Work" on the front. Underneath the lid, Griffin said a Henry Ford inspired quote (he tweaked it a bit) will be inscribed: "The competitor to be feared the most is the one who never worries about others but goes on making himself better all the time."

Hopefully Blake thinks L.A. is as tight as his brother does. And more importantly, hopefully L.A. thinks the same of Blake.