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Clippers Win NBA Draft Lottery; Would Be Likely To Draft Blake Griffin

Clippers fans haven't had a whole lot to cheer about over the years. I suspect they are rejoicing their success in the NBA Draft Lottery. Image via <a href=""></a>.
Clippers fans haven't had a whole lot to cheer about over the years. I suspect they are rejoicing their success in the NBA Draft Lottery. Image via

I don't mean to beat down the Clippers, but there are some arresting statistics concerning Los Angeles' "other franchise". Did you know that the Los Angeles Clippers are the oldest NBA franchise to have never appeared in an NBA Finals? They are also one of three teams (along with the Memphis Grizzlies and Charlotte Bobcats) to have never won an NBA Championship, Conference Championship or Division Championship in their franchise's history.

They have made playoff appearances in 1992, 1993, and 1997. They went on a long drought and finally made the playoffs with a stunning season in 2006, but have since regressed (obviously). Basically they've been in Los Angeles since the 1984-1985 season, and have only made the playoffs in 4 seasons, for a playoff appearance rate of only 16%.

I'm sure a lot of Sooner fans will be decrying the likelihood of Blake Griffin being drafted by one of the most downtrodden franchises in the NBA. I'm kind of optimistic, here's why:

Big Stage

Blake would be going to Los Angeles, a city of nearly 4 million people, and the nation's second largest city. The overall population of the LA metro area is estimated to be slightly over 13 million people. This means that Blake will be playing on a very big stage. He'll have the chance to be in the spotlight on a nightly basis, and with his star power, the Clippers could have quite a few nationally televised games.


It would give a little more teeth to the crosstown rivalry between the Clippers and Lakers (if you even want to call it a rivalry). This would be the case even more if the Clippers could surround Blake with more talent, and avoid injuries which plagued them last year.

Blake Instantly Becomes A Star

I want Blake Griffin to be successful, I'm pretty sure we all do. Going to Los Angeles ensures that he'll get a lot of attention, probably some sponsorship deals, and will get an ever growing fan base. As much as I'd hate to admit it, it is a lot easier for Blake to be successful in Los Angeles than it is in Oklahoma City. That being said, it still would have been nice for him to stay in Oklahoma so we could all see him.

The Clippers Could Become The Rays of the NBA

If Blake Griffin gives them the extra boost they need, and the Clippers manage to get to the playoffs, who wouldn't root for the Clippers to finally break their streak of futility and win one? Most everyone was pulling for the Rays in this past World Series because it would have been a great story.


In any event, while I personally want Blake Griffin to be playing in Oklahoma City, I can see how it would be good for his career, good for the NBA, and good for a franchise that hasn't had a lot of luck for him to go to Los Angeles.

No matter what, I'll be supporting Blake no matter where he goes.

If anyone is interested, this was his last post on his Twitter:

Met David Stern, went to a celibrity event to help raise money for the charity, got a workout in and gonna watch the l (cuts off here because Twitter limits to 140 characters, but I'm assuming it was going to say lottery)