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More On The Sam Keller vs. EA Sports Suit

Hat tip to Corn Nation who had a post on the situation that involved a fair amount of humor.

Follow the link.

I would have to agree with them that I think the whole lawsuit is rather absurd. This was my favorite part of their whole post:

The lawsuit points out, for example:

Virtual player number 5 has the same height, weight, skin tone, home state, handedness and facial features of Sam Keller. Virtual number 5 is also the starting quarterback for the University of Nebraska.......

There's no comment in the lawsuit about the fact that the alleged video game likeness of Keller can't throw the ball any further than ten yards downfield, consistently freaks out and hits the check down receiver and because of his high injury stat, can never play a full season.

I also thought it was pretty amazing that the lawsuit alleges that if Sam Keller hadn't been hurt, he could be tearing it up in the NFL right now, even though that has absolutely nothing to do with the lawsuit at hand.

Once again, kudos, props, whatever, to the guys over at Corn Nation.