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Willie Warren To Test The NBA Waters?

I don't know how much stock you place in rumors but I've always believed that where there was smoke there was fire. Apparently Willie Warren isn't as solid about staying at Oklahoma as we initially thought he was. According to DraftExpress he's definitely going to be testing the waters to see where he'd land in the draft.

  • - Willie Warren has repeatedly insisted over the past few weeks that he will "98.9%" return to Oklahoma for his sophomore season, but the latest word from around the NBA is that he's reportedly changed his mind and will now be "absolutely testing the waters," at the very least. If he's deemed a lottery pick, he won't be returning.

You can't blame the kid for wanting to see where he'd go in the draft and as long as he doesn't sign with an agent he'll be able to backtrack and remain with the Sooners. The problem is that most draft prognosticators have him as a lottery pick and once you start down this road its hard to come back.