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It Looks Like We Lost To The Best

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North Carolina is just simply a step above everyone else. They have steamrolled their way through the tournament, only taking a few naps during the regular season. So at least the Sooners were eliminated from the tournament by what appears to be a team that could probably place about a third to a half of the way up the standings in the NBA's Eastern Conference.

Nobody lost to North Carolina by less than 10. We'll see what Michigan State does in the last 4:57, but all in all I think it's safe to say North Carolina is just in it's own elite class this year.

Unfortunately, our choking at the end of the season left us as a 2 seed and unfortunately we got seeded into North Carolina's region. If we had finished the season stronger, we might have had an easier path to the Final Four.

All that water is under the bridge though, and congratulations to the UNC Tar Heels.