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April 28th Sooner Sports Notebook

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It's a pretty quiet time in OU sports, so we'll take a look at lots of different sports headlines first. Track 'Em Tigers, the Auburn blog, has come up with an interesting list of things that should make a comeback in college football. What do you think?

The big play that everyone's been talking about lately is Jacoby Ellsbury's (Red Sox) straight steal of home. Here's the video, pretty amazing stuff.

Everyone's also been talking about the NFL Draft. Here's a recap that I put together yesterday regarding where various Sooners were drafted, and which ones have signed free agent contracts.

The Tulsa World blog makes a point about the 2007 Fiesta Bowl Reunion that is going on in Minnesota right now:

The Minnesota Vikings already had two would-be heroes from that epic night in Glendale, Ariz.: Adrian Peterson, who scored the overtime touchdown to temporarily put the Sooners ahead, and Marcus Walker, whose pick 6 also temporarily put OU ahead with a minute left in regulation.

Then came Sunday night, when the Vikes added undrafted rookie free agents Ian Johnson and Vinny Perretta from Boise State. Johnson, remember, scored the Statue of Liberty game-winner in OT, one play after Perretta's halfback touchdown pass on fourth-and-goal pulled the Broncos within 42-41.

Asked if he would talk any smack, Johnson replied:

"I don’t think I’m going to do that," Johnson told the Statesman. "(Peterson) is a little well-respected and he’s a little bit bigger than me now."

Smart guy. And now, on to all the notes...


In The News

  • Sports Illustrated offers some reasons why Duke Robinson fell to the 5th round in the draft, but still comes away as a steal.
  • Jay Cutler is already texting buddies with his new target, Juaquin Iglesias.
  • Speaking of Iglesias, he's pretty excited to be a Chicago Bear.
  • Lendy Holmes signed a free agent contract with the Redskins and feels like he got slighted by not being drafted. He'll be playing with a chip on his shoulder while he competes for a roster spot.
  • Oklahoma has added quite a few names recently to Tim Griffin's top 40 players in the Big 12 list. Gerald McCoy checks in at number 7. Travis Lewis is at number 9. DeMarco Murray is at number 11. Trent Williams is at number 14.
  • The Big 12 was the conference with the second most number of draft picks (7) in the first round. This broke the record of Big 12 conference first round selections. The previous record was 6 in 2003. 
  • Meanwhile, the 2010 draft class from Oklahoma has the potential to be even better than this year's.
  • Spring football review from the Tulsa World.
  • Blake Griffin starts looking forward to his future in the NBA.

Around The Big 12

  • Enter Mike Leach, who is never afraid to speak his mind, has said all sorts of things related to the NFL Draft that make you wonder if he's just in a grumpy mood. Exhibit A: Saying that the A&M coaches didn't like Stephen McGee very much. Coach Leach better watch out or A&M will pass Tech in the standings this year. Exhibit B: Saying that Michael Crabtree has been more successful than Eric Mangini because the Browns soured on taking Crabtree with the 5th pick. He then floated the idea that the Browns will still finish with a bad record. Ironically enough, the Browns then wound up picking up Graham Harrell in free agency.
  • Speaking on non-drafted Big 12 quarterbacks, Chase Daniel signed a free agent contract with the Washington Redskins.
  • Baylor left tackle Jason Smith was drafted 2nd overall, the highest such mark for a Baylor player. He'll be playing for the Rams.
  • Iowa State didn't have a draft choice for the first time since 2004.
  • Quan Cosby hasn't caught on with a team yet. Pretty surprising given how much trouble he gave the Sooners. I would expect him to get invited to a camp.
  • Clone Chronicles discusses the impact of Craig Brackins' return.
  • Bring on the Cats discusses divisional realignment in the Big 12. It's an interesting article, and right now they seem opposed to the idea. This was one of the things I was planning on looking at in a football preview piece.
  • I am The 12th Man discusses Stephen McGee and other draft day thoughts.
  • Double T Nation gives a good recap of the ongoing Mike Leach saga.