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The Sooners NFL Draft Recap

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No Sooners are going to the 0-16 Detroit Lions, but it seems like the Minnesota Vikings have a thing for the Oklahoma Sooners. They drafted Adrian Peterson in 2007. They drafted Rufus Alexander last year. And now it appears they have two Sooners on their summer roster - Phil Loadholt and Jon Cooper. It should be noted that Brad Childress, Vikings head coach, visited Norman a couple of times personally. I had that in one of my notebooks, but I'm not going to dig it up now.

In any event here's how it breaks down:

Phil Loadholt: drafted by the Minnesota Vikings with the 22nd pick in the 2nd round, 54th pick overall.

Juaquin Iglesias: drafted by the Chicago Bears in the 3rd round with the 99th overall pick.

Nic Harris: drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 5th round with the 147th overall pick.

Duke Robinson: drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the 5th round with the 163rd overall pick.

Manuel Johnson: drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 7th round with the 229th overall pick.

Jon Cooper: signed as a free agent with the Minnesota Vikings.

Brandon Walker: signed as a free agent with the Houston Texans.

Lendy Holmes: signed as a free agent with the Washington Redskins (h/t to Woodrow Wilson).

Quentin Chaney: signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Rams (h/t to Woodrow Wilson).

So in total, 5 Sooners were drafted and 2 more were signed as free agents. Here's a good summary quote from

Oklahoma continued several notable streaks in the 2009 NFL Draft. At least one Sooner was selected for the 47th consecutive Draft (1963-2009) and for the 41st time in the first seven rounds (1969-2009). For the 12th-straight year (1998-2009), a Sooner was selected in the first three rounds.

OU has supplied 339 players all-time in the NFL Draft (fourth-highest total of all schools). Despite its relative youth when compared with other coach staffs, the Sooner staff has done remarkably well at preparing players for the next level. This group of coaches can boast more than 66 players (41 drafted) who entered the NFL.

Personally, I'm shocked that Duke Robinson fell to the 5th round with his work ethic and talent level. He was often widely considered to be one of, if not our best, linemen.

I'm not really too surprised by anything else. Players still out there that might catch on with free agent contracts include Branndon Braxton and Mike Knall.