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Phil Loadholt First Sooner Taken According To Todd McShay

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According to ESPN's Todd McShay, Phil Loadholt will be the first Sooner taken in tomorrow's NFL draft. Of course, it's a mock draft, which are in general, not all that accurate but still fun to complete and look at.

McShay has Loadholt going in Round 2. He also has Duke Robinson going in Round 3, Nic Harris and Juaquin Iglesias going in Round 5, and Lendy Holmes in Round 7.

Time to just relax and take it all in. I'd say at the very least the Sooners should have 4 players drafted (Loadholt, Robinson, Harris and Iglesias). I'm shocked that McShay has Robinson going in Round 3. That seems way too low, but I have Loadholt pegged about where he does.

Here's my thoughts:

  • Duke Robinson: anywhere from late first round to early third round, but most likely somewhere in the early 2nd.
  • Phil Loadholt: could jump up into the late first round but I suspect he'll go somewhere in the 2nd round.
  • Juaquin Iglesias: I think he could be high as late 3rd round, but most likely will go early in the 2nd day (4th or 5th round).
  • Nic Harris: his 40 time will hurt him. I think 5th or 6th round, most likely 6th.
  • Lendy Holmes: maybe late 6th, but most likely in the 7th or free agency.