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You Got Questions? We Got Answers: Sooner Football 2009

Okay, well our buddies over at Corn Nation wanted to know a few things about the 2009 Sooner football team. Of course we were more than happy to chime in because `09 looks to be another promising year for the Sooners.


Here’s what I did. I responded to their questions and then posted my answers here as well. Give’em a look over and see where we agree and disagree, or just have a different perspective as I would love to know what you are thinking as well.


Who's Gone: (What Star Players Are Gone in 2009)



In the trenches Oklahoma loses a lot with four of their five starting offensive linemen gone. Many believe that this will affect the accuracy and efficiency of Sam Bradford and it most likely could until the new group earns the Heisman winners trust.


The skill position players that Oklahoma lost are Juaquin Iglesias, Manny Johnson and Quentin Chaney, all three receivers. What this means is that along with a new line protecting him, Bradford is going to have to get used to new sets of hands catching the ball. Good thing Jermaine Gresham and Ryan Broyles are back.



Safeties Nic Harris and Lendy Holmes are gone but to be honest I’m excited about that. Not from the standpoint that they were bad at the position but more like the guys behind them have superstar potential. I felt the same way after Marcus Walker and Reggie Smith left because of what we had seen and heard about Brian Jackson and Dominique Franks.


Quinton Carter some starting experience and Sam Proctor has game experience while Lamar Harris is looking to prove that he belongs on the field. Harris and Holmes will be missed but this is going to be a fun position battle to watch.

Who To Watch: (The best guys on your team, and maybe your quarterback if you have a new one)



Tight end Jermaine Gresham was unstoppable last year as a junior and the departure of Chaney, Iglesias and Johnson he is sure to get more looks from Sam Bradford. Gresham needs to improve his blocking in 2009 but as far a catching and running go he’s the best in the country.


Then there’s Sam Bradford. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner returns for his third season under center at Oklahoma and I think its safe to say that as Bradford goes so does the Sooners.



Keep an eye on Gerald McCoy. He’ll emerge as one of the (if not the) best defensive tackles in the nation and will also be the vocal and emotional leader of the defense.


Both corner positions will be fun to watch as well. Brian Jackson and Dominique Franks will be a tandem that gets talked about quite a bit.

Under the Radar players who might make an impact this season:


Running back Jermie Calhoun is making plays this spring. He’ll most likely complicate the running back rotation by forcing his way into some significant playing time.


JC Transfer receiver Cameron Kenney should also come in this summer and make an immediate impact on Oklahoma’s passing game as well as giving place kicking and punting a shot.



With so many guys that are returning starters on defense there isn’t much room for anyone to be under the radar but two names did come to mind.


Safety, Quinton Carter, has good size and a knock your head off mindset. Barring an injury or mental meltdown he’ll take a permanent spot in the starting lineup in `09 to which opposing receivers should be very aware.


Defensive end Frank Alexander missed some significant playing time because of an injury he suffered defending himself against a knife attack but when he did get some game time he made plays. Look for his role to increase in `09 as well as impact on the defense.


Come on now. Tell us what you’re thinking!