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Willie Warren Gives Us One More Year!


Willie Says Yes To Another Year Of This

Hat tip to Woodrow Wilson for being the first to post about this on the Machine. I concur with both him and Jubanator that this was the best thing that could have happened to the basketball team and it was the best thing for Warren. Jeff Capel showed what he can do with an NBA caliber player in just two seasons with Blake Griffin and next year should be Willie’s team. The 2009/10 Oklahoma basketball team will now officially feature three McDonald’s All-Americans with Thursday’s announcement. Here’s what I’m thinking the starting lineup could look like.

G  - Tommy Mason-Griffin

G – Willie Warren

G – Tony Crocker

F – Juan Pattillo

F – Keith Gallon

Yep, I’m thinking that we’re going to see a guard heavy offense next year which will help to soften things up inside for Gallon to do his thing. Its looking like we could see another promising basketball season in Norman.