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March 5th Sooner Sports Notebook

Hey everyone, I'm going to attempt to make this a once-a-day or once-every-two-days type feature, but it's going to be a quick run down of all the information I can digest on the web. Should just be a bunch of quick bullets, quotes, and maybe a picture or video or two. Hopefully it'll become a regular thing, and I hope you enjoy the first installment!

Some things to read while enjoying being in the 3rd manliest city in the US.

Recent Crimson and Cream Machine Features

Oubulletlogo_medium An article about our women's basketball team and how Courtney Paris guaranteed a national championship.

  • A piece attempting to delve into our men's basketball team's recent troubles.


  • Second spring practice happened today. Follow the Sooner football team's spring practice season on Sooner Sports. Lots of videos and pictures.
  • Sooner Spectator is offering a commemorative issue for Sam Bradford's Heisman win.
  • Roy WIlliams, the safety, of OU fame has been released by the Cowboys. He's solid enough that he'll catch on with someone else.
  • A few guys no longer with the team. Most notably - Jamell Fleming who is apparently "tending to some academic issues". I've heard that Stoops said he may be back if he straightens things out.

Men's Basketball

  • Latest RPI: 4. We stand at 26-4 overall, and we are in 3rd place in the Big 12.
  • We are basically locked into the 3rd spot in the Big 12 tournament. This means we will play the winner of the 6/11 matchup. The 11 seed will be the loser of Texas Tech at Iowa State on Saturday. The 6 seed will most likely be Oklahoma State. I'm not sure of the scenarios, but I think Texas A&M and Kansas State may still be in the running for the 6 seed too.
  • Joe Lunardi from ESPN thinks we're still a 1 seed. Did he watch our game?

P.S. I do not believe Oklahoma has lost its No. 1 seed (yet). However, with Louisville knocking on the door of an outright Big East title, things could change by the end of the coming weekend.

  • According to a poster on the OUHoops forum, Missouri students were shining laser pointers at our players when they were on the offensive end, and during free throws. He also stated that Blake got hit in the back with a cup of soda during a timeout, and that it was visible on TV. He didn't list any secondary sources or substantiate it for anything, so take it for what it's worth - probably a second, third, or fourth hand report.
  • Oklahoma State will be arriving in Norman for the 2:30pm battle on a 6 game winning streak. They have really hit their stride and will be looking for a win to push themselves into the tournament.


  • Our men's gymnastics team has what's shaping up to be a pretty epic battle in Minneapolis on Saturday evening. They are ranked #2, and will be facing off with #1 Stanford and #7 Minnesota.
  • Our women's gymnastics team has their senior night at the LNC Friday night. It's 50 cent hot dogs and coke night!


  • Baseball has a 3-game home series against UCLA this weekend with a game each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. UCLA was initially a top 10 team, but they have lost 7 straight and are now unranked. The Sooners are ranked #16.
  • Softball will face the first top-10 opponent at home since 1998 when Tennessee visits Friday evening.

Boomer Sooner!