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First Spring Football Practice for the Sooners


Is it that time of year already? Spring ball is here in Norman! Of course we have two top-5 caliber basketball teams and ranked baseball and softball teams, along with a new NBA franchise in Oklahoma City, so maybe people aren't quite getting excited about football just yet. However, it's just 186 days until the Sooners open up the season in the new Cowboys stadium against the BYU Cougars!

A few interesting notes to read while recuperating from partying on Sam Bradford Day:

  • Bob Stoops gave some quotes. Here's the general theme:

Getting into practice again, I feel really positive about the team. We had a great winter. Coach Schmidt was really pleased with the overall work of our players which is always a big indicator of what kind of team we have a chance to have; the way they work out of season and the attitude and toughness they have going through our winter program. He was overall very pleased with the progress of most all of our positions.

  • Not surprisingly, a few publications are already throwing Oklahoma's name into the hat of national title contenders. Rivals is one of them.
  • There's a million stories out there about how our O-line needs to step up. Not surprisingly they all say that could be a challenge, yadda yadda. I won't link to any of them because they all sound the same and we've already heard all about it.
  • Related to that, Stoops sort of called out the offensive line in his comments, saying they haven't had the offseason everyone else has.
  • Tress Way is apparently going to start punting.
  • Keeping an eye on the enemy, Texas' second string QB Chiles has been moved to WR at his request. They have a solid recruit coming in to fill in behind Colt McCoy.
  • Ryan Mallett hasn't started off in Arkansas on the right foot. Apparently he was charged with public intoxication. He transferred from Michigan.
  • And finally, Lou Holtz is apparently getting back into coaching. You'll see what I mean when you read the link!

Sooner Sports has a page up with all kinds of info and practice vids. Practice number 2 is on Thursday. Boomer!