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End Of The Road


It doesn't really matter what went wrong in Memphis on Sunday afternoon because the season came to an end with a 72-60 loss to North Carolina. Suddenly I know how Syracuse fans felt when their team couldn't connect from beyond the 3-point line. It's a bit frustrating when you consider all the things that this team accomplished they'll be remembered for inconsistent guard play.

The solution to the 2008-09 problem will be on campus next season with McDonald's All-American Tommy Mason-Griffin running the point and Willie Warren having a year of experience under his belt. The new problem is that is that next season's team most likely will not feature Player of the Year Blake Griffin, so while one hole is filled another, even larger one, will be created. Keith "Tiny" Gallon (another McDonald's All-American) will try to fill that void along with Juan Pattillo. There is also the possibility that prep standout Daniel Orton could ask for a release from his commitment to Kentucky and be back on the market. The Sooners were in on him heavy before he committed to the Wildcats and there's no reason to expect them not to be again should he become available again. That would give Oklahoma more post depth than they had this season but the Sooners would still lack a proven Super Star like Blake Griffin.

The 2008-09 basketball season was a sure indication that Jeff Capel has the team heading in the right direction. The loss to North Carolina showed that they aren't there yet.