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Sooner Commitment Justin Chaisson Goes Psycho On 15 Year-Old Girl

Justin Chassion was one of Oklahoma’s prized recruits of the 2009 class. However, the four star defensive end from Las Vegas, Nevada may not be making it to Norman after a psychotic episode this week in which he assaulted a 15 year-old girl.


After an argument at his girlfriend's school Chassion later forced the girl into his car, put a screwdriver to her throat and held her against her will. Can you say breakup? Not only does this kid deserve to lose his girlfriend (and the right to ever date again) but his scholarship to Oklahoma should be yanked as well.


I feel more adamantly about this than I did about Josh Jarboe this time last year, and in case you’ve forgotten I had some pretty strong feelings about that whole situation. Playing college football (or any college sport for that matter) is a privilege and not a right. Justin Chassion is facing charges for assault with a deadly weapon, coercion with a deadly weapon, coercion-force, false imprisonment, and three counts of battery.


More than developing champions, Bob Stoops is developing young men of character. Despite how those who wear different shades of orange try to depict him there is a reason why he makes regular rounds at Children’s Hospital and has pretty much been by Corey Wilson’s side since his tragic accident almost a month ago. Stoops has a good reputation among those that truly matter and associating with bad seeds like Jarboe and now Chassion is the quickest way to damage that reputation. I say cut your losses now before the kid has the opportunity to get on campus and do even more damage like tarnishing the Sooner name. Besides that its going to be hard to learn the defensive playbook from a jail cell.