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Selection Sunday Open Thread

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This is my favorite day of the year besides my birthday and Christmas hands down. All of the craziness that is Championship week finally culminates with Greg Gumble announcing which teams got what seeds and are playing where and then delivering the announcement to those unfortunate teams that have their bubble popped.

I love the excitement you see when they got to the smaller schools live and see all of the players and fan celebrating when they see that they get to be the team that gets beat down by the number 1 seed.

With all that said, here are a few predictions from me about what could happen:

  • North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and Memphis will be the number 1 seeds.
  • The Big East will lead the way with 7 teams in but the Big 12 will be second with 6. The Big 10 will end up only getting 5 teams in.
  • Oklahoma will get the toughest and final 2 seed and get to play in Kansas City while Kansas and Missouri get 3 seeds. Texas and Oklahoma St. will be in an 8/9 game while Texas A&M will get a 10 seed. 
  • Either Wisconsin or Minnesota will be left out in favor for St. Mary's and the ESPN guys will go completely insane and scream about mid-majors getting in over mediocre major teams.

So here is the spot to join in on the discussion Selection Sunday bracket revealing happenings and to make fun of the ESPN show afterward.