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Who Would Be On The Sooners' Mount Rushmore?


With the latest ESPN interactive contest for the "create each state's Mount Rushmore of sports", it got me thinking - who would be on the OU Mount Rushmore? It would be a monument of the 4 greatest contributors to Sooner sports throughout the ages.

Voice your opinion! Comment on the thread.

I'll take the most common names and put them to a vote in a poll later on. Certainly there are lots of names to choose from - lots of Heisman winners, one of whom is currently at the school - Sam Bradford. In fact there's lots of pretty solid players here right now, which is why we're having such a good sports year.

Once we have a list of maybe 8-10 of the most solid names, I'll type up a quick bio and career stats for each if I can find them and then we'll put it to a vote.