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So Blake, Are You Crazy?

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"I am a little bit, I guess," he [Blake Griffin] said.

Well at least he admits it. When he jumped over the scorers table, I think everyone's heart stopped. You judge for yourself whether Blake is crazy:

Personally I thought it was absolutely crazy. I wasn't worried about him aggravating the concussion, but I definitely was concerned about him injuring something else. Interesting to note that the first person over to Blake was Pat Knight, who has some sort of man crush on Griffin.

"He’s the best,” said Tech coach Pat Knight. "I’ve done the Dan Patrick Show twice this year and we argue. He always picks (North Carolina’s Tyler) Hansbrough first, I always pick Griffin.

"I did it the other day when he was down at spring training. He’s like, ‘Still?’ Yeah, I’d pick Griffin first every time. I think he’s the total package.” --Oklahoman

Pretty high praise from an opposing coach, but then again Blake tends to get that from other coaches a lot. Anyways, Blake didn't get hurt during the game. More good news - Ray Willis was suited up. I don't know if anyone caught that during the game, but he was in a uniform. Not only that, but I was under the impression that Juan Pattillo's suspension was only for one game so the Sooners could very well be back at full strength on Wednesday. If you want some sourcing, here's the confirmation from the Oklahoman:

Reserve forward Juan Pattillo, suspended for Saturday’s game, made the trip to Lubbock but did not suit out. Pattillo sat in street clothes on the OU bench.

Pattillo is expected to be available for the Sooners’ game at Missouri Wednesday.

Reserve Ray Willis, suspended indefinitely by Capel following a DUI arrest in early February, was back in uniform Saturday and is also available.

Unfortunately, Willie Warren seemed to be in the doghouse as ccmachine noted. Hopefully he can iron out any problems and be back in the starting lineup on Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday, the Missouri Tigers got spanked today. That can't bode well for their anger level when we head up to Columbia.

Chad Ford (ESPN) likes Willie Warren a lot. He thinks that Willie could potentially go really high in the draft. Add him to the list of people who think Willie could bolt early.

We've had him ranked between 13 and 22 most of the year. In the past two weeks he's moved up to No. 9 on our big board. With Blake Griffin out with a concussion ... you're seeing just how special he is. If it was clear he was a point guard, he'd be a Top 5 pick. His combo status drives down his stock ... but just a little.

If you're worried about losing Leary and Taylor, along with Blake and possibly Willie bolting for the NBA, there's some recruiting information after the jump (click the link below).

  • We have the 4th best recruiting class for 2009 on We're bringing in a point guard, a shooting guard, two guys who can play SF/PF and a PF/C. 4 of the 5 prospects are rated 90 or higher, which is considered by to be a "rare prospect" who can take over a game and contribute as a true freshman.
  • Keith "Tiny" Gallon is a 6-9 300 pound center. He's a McDonalds All American and rated the #4 center prospect in the country by ESPN/Scout. 
  • Tommy Mason-Griffin is our other McDonalds All American, a 5-10 190 pound PG. He is rated the #5 point guard prospect in the country by ESPN/Scout. According to he is turning into one of the elite guard prospects in the country.
  • Our other prospects (with their positional rankings by ESPN/Scout) are: SF/PF Andrew Fitzgerald (23), SG Steven Pledger (22), SF/PF Kyle Hardrick (35). Hardrick plays with top recruiting prospect Xavier Henry at Putnam City North HS in Oklahoma City.
  • Capel got commits while competing against some major programs. Arizona, Tennessee, Texas A&M and Georgetown were interested in Gallon. Tommy Mason-Griffin decommitted from LSU. Texas, Memphis, OSU and Baylor were interested in him. Tennessee and Marquette competed for Hardrick, and he also considered Louisville, Pitt, Xavier and Seton Hall.
  • If you're interested in what our 2010 prospects look like, here's some names to check into that we have either offered a scholarship to, or there is some sort of mutual interest: SF Cameron Clark (Rivals), SG T.J. Taylor (Rivals), C/PF Tobi Oyedeji (Rivals), PG Trevor Releford (Rivals), PG Phil Pressey (Rivals), PG Ray McCallum (Rivals), SF Julian Washburn (Rivals), and SF Harrison Barnes (Rivals).
  • As far as 2010 goes, Cameron Clark and TJ Taylor have visited already. TJ Taylor was thought to be leaning towards OU and is rated as the #4 prospect in Texas for 2010. He's a combo guard who is also considering Marquette.
  • Phil Pressey is the PG prospect on OU's radar and OU's biggest competition would probably be LSU. He's the son of a former TU player, and his dad has a job with the Hornets now I think.

One more basketball item: here's a nice story on CBS about Kellen Sampson, former OU player, and now an assistant.

To wrap it all up, let's not forget that OU football's spring practices begin on Tuesday! We should have some interesting stories coming out then. For now, here's a story that appeared in The Oklahoman.