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2/9 Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings

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Blake Griffin wants you to rank the Big 12 teams.

We still have two unbeaten's in the Big 12. I am not sure how long that will last but hopefully on February 23rd the Sooners and Jayhawks will meet up with both of them being undefeated in conference. So onto the rankings:

  1. Oklahoma (23-1, 9-0) –Another week, another two wins. Last weeks home wins over Texas &M and Colorado were a lot tougher than any of us could have expected. Does that mean that teams have found a weakness or is it just we have entered the "dog days" of February? Time will tell but Wednesday night's game at Baylor is a big one.
  2. Kansas (19-4, 8-0) –The Jayhawks took down Bill Self's alma mater on Saturday to set up tonight's huge matchup in Missouri. Other than at Baylor last Monday, this is Kansans biggest conference test so far. If the Jayhawks can knock off the Tigers tonight, then it really is time to start taking them as a very serious Big 12 title contender.
  3. Missouri (20-4, 7-2) – The Tigers have been the surprise team this year of the Big 12 and have won 20 games in a season for the first time in 6 years. The winner of tonight's Border War will put them in a great position for the two spot in the conference behind the Sooners.
  4. Kansas St. (16-7, 5-4) –Last week I might have had the Wildcats too high but after Saturday's win at A&M, the Wildcats might be for real. I for one am glad that we played them early in the conference season because something has clicked for the Wildcats right now and they are playing at a high level right now. If the Wildcats can knock off the Jayhawks on Saturday, they will have played their way into the tournament.
  5. Nebraska (15-7, 5-4) – Nebraska has been playing very well in its Big 12 games. Losing by only 11 to Oklahoma and by 6 to Kansas is very impressive since the Huskers basically play without a big man. It is not out the question for the Huskers to finish their last 7 games with a record of 4-3 to put them at 9-7 in the conference and quite possibly on the good side of the bubble.
  6. Texas (15-7, 4-4) - The Longhorns have hit a rough patch right now. Texas has just as much talent as Kansas and Oklahoma but they are just missing something right now. The Longhorns will make the tournament but they will have a lot more talent than the seed that they will get.
  7. Texas A&M (17-7, 3-6) – I really don't know what to think about this team. They have NCAA tournament quality big men but when the game got tight last week in Norman, the Aggies settled for three straight bad shots down the stretch instead of going inside. Texas A&M has no signature win and when it is the middle of February and you can say that about a team, that usually means the NIT.
  8. Oklahoma St. (14-8, 3-5) –The Cowboys have won every game that they should have this season and lost every game that they were suppose to. Travis Ford is doing a lot better than I ever thought he would in his first season at OSU but he needs that signature win or the Cowboys could very well be in the NIT again this year.
  9. Baylor (15-8, 3-6) –Baylor has essentially played their way out of the NCAA tournament and if they keep this up, maybe out of postseason play all together. They have to defend their home court this week against Oklahoma and Texas A&M or they can pretty much kiss any thoughts of postseason play good bye.
  10. Texas Tech (12-11, 2-6) –The Red Raiders got a huge win this weekend against Baylor but their remaining schedule is brutal. Two games against Oklahoma and games against Texas, Kansas, and Kansas St. more than likely mean that the Red Raiders will finish with double digit losses in Big 12 play.
  11. Colorado (9-13, 1-7) –The Buffs may have a 1-7 conference record but their recent play shows that they are making some improvement. Their last three losses (at KU, vs. NEB, and at OU) were by a combined 12 points with the KU and OU loses by 5 points a piece. Colorado may be the worst team in the conference but they certainly aren't playing like that.
  12. Iowa St. (12-11, 1-7) –Iowa St. has really struggled in Big 12 play but their only Big 12 win over Nebraska is turning into even more of a solid win as Nebraska has shown to be a very good team. It is a shame that Craig Brackins doesn't have a better cast around him.


Big games this week:

  • Big Monday: #16 Kansas at #19 Missouri 8:00pm on ESPN
  • Tuesday: Oklahoma St. at Texas 8:00pm
  • Wednesday: #2 Oklahoma at Baylor 8:00pm on ESPN2
  • Saturday: #16 Kansas at Kansas St. 2:30pm on ABC, Texas A&M at Baylor 5:00pm


Now it’s your turn, you got beef with my rankings? Tell me how you would rank the Big 12.