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Meet The New Guy

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So this guy who goes by the screen name, "dishingoutdimes" starts ripping up the FanPosts and FanShots sections with excellent post. Every time he posted I found myself bumping it to the front page because it was of such good quality. I shot him an email and now he's become the newest content contributor to Crimson and Cream Machine.

You've been enjoying his posts for the last few days now so I asked him to say a few things to introduce himself.

"Hi, I'm Alex. I was born in Wisconsin and so Wisconsin sports teams are a part of my blood. However, I'm also a huge Sooner fan. I tend to follow football most extensively, but I probably know the game of basketball the best. I used to play a little basketball (not in any organized fashion, but more like recreational leagues). I enjoy major league baseball but have never really followed college baseball. That being said, I've still been to a few college baseball games, as well as a few minor league and major league games. I'm probably most loyal as a fan to the Oklahoma Sooners and to the Green Bay Packers. My favorite Sooner players right now are Travis Lewis (because he plays with a lot of passion), Danielle Robinson (yes I follow women's basketball too, and she is an extremely talented player), and Taylor Griffin. I usually don't pick the obvious or popular choices for "favorite players" I tend to enjoy role players or unsung heros that play their hearts out and do lots of things that don't necessarily show up in the stat line. As far as what I'll contribute to the site - I am a stat nerd. I enjoy digesting lots of stats and information and spitting out analysis. A couple recent losses by the Sooner basketball team got me a little fired up, but generally I'll just tell it how it is, post interesting stats or quotes, and try and shed some light on things that aren't looked at as much."

Welcome to the Machine, Alex. Keep up the great work!