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Pattillo Suspended; Blake Still Feeling Effects of Concussion

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  • Headline right now: Juan Pattillo suspended for the Texas Tech game. Kudos to SoonerDutch for the FanShot.
  • Also, let's shine the spotlight on a good FanPost - an article about Bennie Owen - courtesy of
  • I wish I could say no news is good news, but it's really not. Nothing new on the Blake Griffin front, despite predictions that we would know today. At least he's shooting around.
  • Speaking of Blake Griffin, he's a finalist for the Oscar Robertson award.
  • Ruh, roh. Take it for what it's worth (a message board post), but according to "OUFtball" on

Cary Murdock said he just left the LNC after talking to Jeff Capel. Coach said not a day has gone by since the Texas game that Blake has not vomited and was dizzy. They have not been pleased with the results of the tests they have given him. They will announce Friday if he will play Saturday.

  • After he wrote a criticism of the OU basketball team yesterday, Jeff Goodman writes an excellent article about how Sam Bradford and Blake Griffin have had a friendship for longer than you might think.

Alarming Thought Of The Day

If Blake Griffin is out for the Texas Tech game, we will be left with 4 big guys: Taylor Griffin, Ryan Wright, Orlando Allen and Beau Gerber. This is thanks to Kyle Cannon's dismissal and Juan Pattillo's suspension.

Additionally, assuming Ray Willis is not activated, this would leave OU with only 10 active players on Saturday, 7 of whom play meaningful minutes on a regular basis, and only 2 forwards/centers who play meaningful minutes.

That could be big trouble.