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Sooner Sports Beat – What The World Is Saying About OU


* SI's Andy Staple talks about how Bob Stoops has turned OU back into one of the top coaching jobs in the nation.  


* Andy Katz weighs in on the Blake Griffin saga at OU. He shares in the general consensus that the last two games without Blake mean nothing in regards to standings for the Big Dance and that it could eventually pay dividends for the Sooners down the road.  

* I'm not the only one who believes that the last two games should have an asterisk beside them. Pat Forde not only feels that way but also believes that the Sooners are still on track for a #1 seed.

* It seems that everyone wants to see a rematch between OU and Kansas in the Big 12 Tournament. Among those included in that list are KU's Bill Self and the Oklahoman's Jennie Carlson, obviously for different reasons though.

* There are differing opinions on how good OU actually is without Griffin in the lineup. Whether they are considering the level of competition OU has played the last two games or not in making up those opinions I don't now. Some feel that the Sooners aren't a lost cause without Griffin while others believe that OU is mediocre at best. Then there are those guys that you get the feeling that they like kicking people's dogs just to get a reaction.


OU battled a tiny bit of adversity in San Diego yesterday before coming out with an 11-2 win. Here are the takes from the local media.

Daily Oklahoman

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Roll Call - What The Big 12 Blogs Are Saying

Rock Chalk Talk gives you a take on Monday night's game from a Kansas perspective.

Burnt Orange Nation is having a tribute day for Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant. Glad to see that they are finally warming up to Oklahomans.

Big 12 Hardball has the rundown of yesterday's conference baseball games.