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2/24 Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings

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Well we have our first major shake up in the power rankings this week as OU has dropped their last two minus Blake Griffin. Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma St. are surging while Baylor and Nebraska are done for. So lets get to it


  1. Kansas (23-5, 12-1) – The Jayhawks become the first time other than Oklahoma to claim the top spot in the rankings. KU took care of business last week with their wins over Nebraska and Iowa St. but last night's victory over Oklahoma is what sealed the top spot for them. Kansas won the first leg of the Big 12 round robin with OU and Mizzou. A win in Sunday's game versus Missouri all but seals up the regular season crown for Kansas.
  2. Oklahoma (25-3, 11-2) – Two tough losses last week have dropped the Sooners to number 2. Yes, Blake Griffin got knocked out of the Texas game and didn't play versus Kansas but the guards, especially Willie Warren, stepped up their game to show not only the rest of the Big 12 but the rest of the nation that Oklahoma isn't just Blake Griffin.
  3. Missouri (23-4, 10-2) – The Tigers only problem was that they didn't play anyone of note last week. Missouri is still one of the hottest teams in the nation as they have shot up all the way to #8 in the rankings. Missouri gets their shot to move up to #1 in my rankings with their next to games being at Kansas and vs. Oklahoma. If Missouri can win those games, they will not only take over the top spot here but could lock up their first Big 12 regular season crown.
  4. Kansas St. (19-8, 7-5) – Kansas St. has won 8 of 9 and have a great shot of finishing 10-6 in the conference if they can win 3 of their last 4. They have a great shot for another quality win as they travel to Missouri on Wednesday. Win there and K-State can punch their ticket to the big dance, even though I think they are in right now.
  5. Texas (18-8, 7-5) – The Longhorns badly needed a win to get out of their current funk and their win over Oklahoma on Saturday night may have given them the shot in the arm they need. Texas has three very winnable games upcoming before their season ending trip to Kansas. Texas is now playing for a better seed as many projections have them as a 6 or 7 seed.
  6. Oklahoma St. (17-9, 6-6) – The Cowboys have shown some life in winning three in a row and have a very outside shot at getting to the Big Dance. Oklahoma St. has a winnable game at Colorado but then three tough games against K-State, Texas, and Oklahoma. If the Cowboys could somehow split their final four game and win a game in the Big 12 tournament, they could sneak into the NCAA Tournament.
  7. Texas A&M (19-8, 5-7) – The Aggies are clinging to NCAA hopes behind a fairly strong resume. Their only problem is they have struggled in the somewhat down Big 12 this year. The Aggies have a great shot to to get to 8-8 in the conference and that starts with an elimination game tonight against Nebraska. If Texas A&M can get the win in Lincoln tonight it would give them their first road win in 2009.
  8. Nebraska (16-9, 6-6) – The Huskers have have won 4 of 6 and could really help their thin tournament hopes with a win tonight against Texas A&M. Nebraska is currently sitting at #7 in the conference and have a great shot to finish 3-1 in their final four games if they can get some bounces. If they do that and win a Big 12 tournament game, they would put themselves in great position to have their bubble not pop on Selection Sunday.
  9. Baylor (16-10, 4-8) – Baylor has had a disaster of a season. The Bears were everyone's sleeper pick to get a first round bye in the Big 12 tournament and have instead completely fallen off the map. The Bears can safe some face and get an NIT bid if they can win 3 of their remaining 4 which is doable. If they split their last four games though, Baylor's slim postseason hopes will be over.
  10. Iowa St. (13-14, 2-10) – It is a shame that Iowa St. isn't very good this season because Craig Brackins is a stud. Brackins is an All-Big 12 caliber player but his supporting cast never seems to consistently step up to give him the support to get Iowa St. over the hump.
  11. Colorado (9-17, 1-11) – That's right, Colorado isn't in last. The Buffs are the only team in the Big 12 without double digit wins but they are the best 9-17 team I've ever seen. The play hard and they have a very good player in Cory Higgins. I don't see a game where Colorado can get that 10th win but they will no doubt give the remaining four teams they play a very tough time.
  12. Texas Tech (12-15, 2-10) – Lubbock is the hub for all things crazy in the Big 12 right now. First this year Pat Knight went crazy and ran on the court during a game against Nebraska, then the Mike Leach soap opera gave everyone a distraction from the awful basketball team, and now Pat Knight has been suspended a game by the Big 12 for his post game comments about the officiating. The Apple certainly didn't fall far from the Knight tree.

Big Games This Week

  • Tuesday: Texas A&M at Nebraska 8:30pm on ESPN2
  • Wednesday: Kansas St. at #8 Missouri 8:00pm on ESPNU
  • Saturday: #24 Texas at Oklahoma St. 5:00pm on ESPN, Nebraska at Kansas St. 7:00pm
  • Sunday: #8 Missouri at #15 Kansas 1:00pm on CBS

A lot of things can happen with only 15 Days until the Big 12 Tournament tips off in Oklahoma City and 19 days until Selection Sunday but for now, there are the rankings.