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The Sooner Sports Beat 2-18-09

With so much information out there regarding Sooner athletics it difficult to find the articles and blog posts that worth the read. You could spend tons of time searching through various sites trying to find important information and if you are anything like me spend half the morning doing so. Here at the Machine we'd like to do the legwork for you and bring you the articles from around the web that we feel are most noteworthy. Enjoy!

OU Football  

* Rivals has worked out a magic formula in trying to predict the 2009 national champion. Oklahoma doesn't make the cut (because they weren't ranked among the top 25 scoring defenses) but Florida, Iowa, Mississippi, Texas, West Virginia and Virginia Tech all do. My thought is that any formula that gives Iowa a better chance a winning a football national championship than OU is a bad one. 

Men's Basketball  

* The Tufts Daily is the latest group to jump on the, "Oklahoma is really good but..." bandwagon. Tufts Daily? Yep, I've never heard of the either.

* As if we needed reminding of how crucial the next two games are for the Sooners the Tulsa World's Dave Sittler suggests that it will either make or break Oklahoma's season. I really can't say that I disagree with him.

* In preparation for Oklahoma's arrival in Austin on Saturday, Kirk Bohls states (tongue and cheek) that the Big 12 had become Oklahoma's doormat. While I don't necessarily agree with his Coach of the Year selections his Un-Coach of the Year choices were amusing.    

* On the other side of Oklahoma's game against Texas are the Kansas Jayhawks. At least one writer is wondering where the hype is for this game.

Women's Basketball  

* Various commentaries on last night's 80-72 win at Texas Tech

            * Lubbock Avalanche-Journal - Passing of the torch

            * OU Daily - Bench sparked the victory

            * AP - Monumental comebacks earlier in the season shaped this team  

General Athletics

* Berry Tramel has a very good piece that reminds us what a great year it has been for Sooner athletics. We often get caught up in the agony of defeat and forget to savor the moments of victory. There are a lot of athletic programs out there that wish they were having the seasons that OU has enjoyed.