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Sooners Sweep Conference Awards – Now Playing For #1

Blake Griffin already leads the Big 12 in scoring and rebounding and now he's on the verge of making history. Monday he was named the conference's player of the week for the fifth time which ties him for the most in one season. Just one more accolade and he'll set his mark in history and further advance his status as one of the best, if not the best, players in the history of the Big 12.

Just on Griffin's heels is freshman Willie Warren who was named the conference's rookie of the week for the sixth time this season which ties him for second most in conference history. While it's true that the Sooners wouldn't be where they are without Griffin the same could also be said for Warren who has added the much needed spark to OU's guard play.

With just five regular season games left on the schedule Blake Griffin is polishing his resume for the National Player of the Year Award but more importantly the Sooners are polishing their resume for the Dance. With UConn's loss to Pitt on Monday Oklahoma isn't just playing for bragging rights Saturday night in their rivalry match-up against Texas. They are now playing for the nation's #1 ranking, something OU fans haven't seen since 1990.

The same is also true of Monday's game against Kansas. It isn't just a conference championship that is on the line but the overall top seed in the NCAA tournament as well. Notice that I didn't just say a #1 seed but the top seed overall. The Sooners now have the best record in the country and with their next two games nationally televised by ESPN the hype machine is going to kick into overdrive. Should they survive their trip to Austin on Saturday and then knockoff Kansas on Big Monday ESPN is going to have a Blake Griffin/OU basketball field day.