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Blake’s Big Day Dooms Red Raiders

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With an unblemished record in conference play and the nation's #2 ranking Oklahoma is used to getting their opponent's best shot. However, if you've never played against the Sooners the chances are likely that you don't realize what you are up against in Blake Griffin. I don't know how but here's the evidence. Red Raiders' freshman Robert Lewandowski had this to say before Saturday's game.

"I don't expect to like shut him down and hold him to two points or whatever, Lewandowski said, "but I wanna be able to say I played against Blake Griffin and held my own."

At the end of the day Lewandowski and company will be remembered for giving Blake his best day as a Sooner with 40 points and 23 rebounds. It's safe to say that Lewandowski didn't hold his own especially when you compare his 6 points to Blake's 40. Texas Tech coach Pat Knight decided to play Blake Griffin man-to-man hoping that it would prevent Griffin's teammates from beating them. It will go down as one of the worst game plans ever. In addition to Blake Griffin's 40 guards Cade Davis and Willie Warren added 17 and 15 points respectively.

Where The Game Was Won

  • In the paint! Oklahoma outscored Texas Tech 48-24 in the paint. Tech's big stiffs couldn't match OU's athletes under the basket.
  • On the boards! OU's 48-28 rebounding advantage took second chance points away from the Red Raiders and gave them to the Oklahoma. The Sooners had a 15-7 advantage in second chance points.
  • On the run! Oklahoma's fast breaks provided some of the most exciting moments of the day but nothing on the break would come close to Taylor Griffin's baseline drive and reverse jam. The Sooners had a 10-2 advantage in fast break points.

Where The Game Could Have Been Lost

  • If Texas Tech had a few more Nick Okorie's! Okorie was spectacular early by nailing his first seven shots but he just couldn't do everything on his own and eventually wore down as the game went on.
  • Turnovers! Had the Red Raiders had a few more players with Okories then Oklahoma's 16 turnovers would have been a stronger factor.
  • There was no chance for this game to have been lost. Bottom line on Saturday afternoon in Norman Oklahoma was just too good and Texas Tech had no answer.