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College Football’s Championship Saturday Game Thread

For just the third time in the last ten seasons Oklahoma will not be playing for the Big 12 championship leaving us Sooner fans as spectators on the outside looking in. Instead it's the Texas Longhorns facing off against the Nebraska Cornhuskers with a BCS championship birth on the line. It was a week ago today that the Sooners wiped away Oklahoma State's BCS chances. Could the Huskers do something similar tonight by raining on the Longhorns championship parade? What about Bama and Florida, Cincinnati/Pitt and does anyone really care about Georgia Tech and Clemson? Let's discuss!

11:00 am Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

The Bearcats don't just want to be in a BCS bowl they want to be in the championship game. Unfortunately they're in line with TCU hoping for a Nebraska upset tonight but they also need to handle their own business as well. I say they get the job done but will be a little too close for comfort.

Prediction: Cincinnati 24 - Pittsburgh 21

3:00 pm SEC Championship - Florida/Alabama

The BCS Championship and the Heisman Trophy are on the line here as The Chosen One leads the Gators against Mark Ingram and the Tide. A scenario that's out there is that this game ends close and the BCS system gives them a rematch for the BCS Championship. While that's highly unlikely I would laugh everyday for a year should it become a reality and Texas is left out. I actually expect Florida to win this game fairly comfortably but for obvious reasons will be cheering for Alabama.

Prediction: Florida 27 - Alabama 13

7:00 pm ACC Championship - Georgia Tech/Clemson

Seriously, does anyone really care about this game? I know that other than making a prediction I don't give a rip.

Prediction: Clemson 28 - Georgia Tech 20

7:00 Big 12 Championship - Texas/Nebraska

This is the Longhorns third opportunity for a conference championship in the last ten seasons. They've fallen on their faces once and won once. Coincidently their upset loss to Colorado was in the old Texas Stadium and tonight's match-up with underdog Nebraska is in the new Texas Stadium. The Huskers will need some help from defensive and special teams scores to pull the upset and I still don't know if it will be enough. The Sooner Nation will be pulling for them regardless.

Prediction: Texas 28 - Nebraska 17

Make sure to check in throughout the day to post your thoughts and comments about today's games.