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This Is What Obstructing A Passageway Looks Like


Speedy Texas kick returner/running back DJ Monroe has been reinstated to the Texas football team after his DUI arrest was dropped to a lesser charge of obstruction of a passageway. The reason for the change was due to a plea agreement and the end result is him being in uniform and playing in the BCS championship game.

So what does obstructing a passageway look like? Apparently it looks a lot like drunk driving. You've got the swerving in and out of lanes, not being able to walk in a straight line or follow simple instructions. There's also mumbling to yourself and everyone's favorite, vomiting in the back seat of a police car. Of course a UT football player arrest video would be the same without said player saying, "Is there anything I can do? I play for the University of Texas." Basically he's using his get out of jail free card there and it worked.

The next time a Longhorn gives you the, "Bob Stoops would do anything to win and has no discipline on his team" line refer them to this video. Mack Brown had to sign off on Monroe's return to the team and apparently has less integrity than a democratic senator.

The next time you see a person showing the above signs of drunkenness take heart. They're most likely not cocked and loaded behind the wheel of a 1,500 pound vehicle endangering the lives of dozens of innocent drivers and passengers. They're just obstructing a passageway which is really no big deal at all.