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Bowl Position – Trying To Figure Out Oklahoma’s Postseason Options

Oklahoma is most likely destined for the Sun Bowl in El Paso, Texas but there are still a lot of variables out there that could change the destination. While not very many, the Sooners still have options and unfortunately we're left playing the waiting game for a little while. As it stands now there are three legit options for OU but a final decision hinges on what happens in Arlington Saturday night and if the Gator Bowl decides to go Big 12 or Big East. When you look at the selection order its pretty clear at the top and bottom but the middle is pretty cloudy. Here's the breakdown.

BCS - Obviously if the Longhorns win they are in the BCS championship game. Should the Huskers pull the upset they'll be in the Fiesta Bowl and Texas either the Orange or Sugar.

Cotton Bowl - It don't see how the Cotton Bowl can pass up Oklahoma State. They are close in proximity and the SEC opponent will be LSU. The attraction that a Les Miles vs. Mike Gundy match-up would bring is off the chart.

Holiday Bowl - The most likely scenario is that Nebraska loses to Texas and winds up here. Should the Huskers pull the upset in the Big 12 championship game this is where the ramifications will start to be noticed. With Nebraska in BCS bowl then this spot is open to Missouri or Texas Tech.

Gator Bowl - Here's where it gets interesting. The Gator Bowl gets to choose between the second selection from the Big East or the fourth selection from the Big 12. Should they choose to go with a Big East school then the Alamo Bowl gets the fourth selection from the Big 12 and the Sun Bowl gets the sixth. However should the Gator Bowl choose a Big 12 team then the Alamo Bowl gets the fifth selection from the Big 12 and the Sun gets the sixth. Also, if the Gator Bowl picks a Big 12 school then the Sun Bowl will go with a Big East team. Notre Dame could also be a wild card here as both the Gator and the Sun bowls have the option of picking up the Irish.

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh will play this Saturday in a game that will determine the Big East championship. In situation much like the Big 12 championship game, should the Panthers be able to pull an upset then both teams could end up in a BCS bowl. That would leave the Gator Bowl to choose between West Virginia of the Big East and either Texas Tech, Missouri or Oklahoma from the Big 12. Should the Bearcats go ahead and win, as they should, then the Pitt Panthers become the Big East option for the Gator Bowl.

I'm thinking that the Gator Bowl is going to go with the Big East which means that the Alamo gets this fourth choice from the Big 12.

Alamo Bowl - Keep in mind that the Alamo Bowl doesn't have to take the actual fourth place team in the Big 12. They have the option to take the team that will travel the most fans and give them the biggest name recognition. If that's their criteria then Oklahoma is the choice here. There aren't many opportunities for the Alamo Bowl to snag a team like Oklahoma and I'd be willing to bet that they give the Sooners some serious conversation.

Sun Bowl - I'm pretty sure that the Alamo Bowl is going to pick between Oklahoma and Texas Tech. The Red Raiders deserve the spot based off of field performance but OU could be there because they're OU. Should the Alamo Bowl go with Tech then this is where Oklahoma most likely winds up. I also believe that this is the most likely scenario for the Sooners.

Insight Bowl - The only way that OU winds up here is if the Alamo and Sun Bowls select both Texas Tech and Missouri ahead of the Sooners, which is a real possibility. I think that this is the bowl where the Missouri Tigers most likely land. OU will not drop below this bowl game.

Independence Bowl - Iowa State

Texas Bowl  - Texas A&M