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Beating A Five Loss Team Makes The Red Raiders Jump Around

Anyone around can tell you that the 2009 Oklahoma football team hasn't been anything to really get excited over. They lack discipline, desire and in some positions even talent. They've reached a point where disappointing doesn't even describe them as they are most likely heading to a fourth place finish in the South.

So what made the Red Raiders so excited that they wanted to, "jump around" while drubbing a team that's maybe a middle of the pack Big 12 team this year? Obviously the main motivation was to provide that, "in your face" moment against a team that did the same thing while taking away the Red Raiders first legitimate shot at a Big 12 Championship and possibly a BCS title game birth. But celebrating like that is like losing a prize fight only to find the guy who beat you banged up and bound to a wheel chair and then laying a beating on him. Do you really want to jump and boast about that? Obviously Tech does.

I guess the main difference is in the expectations. Oklahoma is a long way from being eligible to play for the conference championship, they aren't a top ranked team, heck they aren't even a ranked team. All they are is a five loss team whose greatest opportunity right now is possibly an opportunity to go to El Paso to play in the Sun Bowl. That doesn't change expectations though. While we are supportive of the team, Sooner fans aren't at all happy with the result on the field and expect much, much more. If a four loss team comes into Norman we, the fans, and the team fully expect them to leave with five. In Lubbock if a team comes in with four losses they have reason to rejoice for giving them a fifth. Yeah, I'd say expectations are definitely different.