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Colorado Commits To More Mediocre Football In 2010

Oklahoma has already caught their first break for the 2010 college football season. When the Colorado Buffaloes come to town on October 30th they'll be commanded on the field of battle by Dan Hawkins. Lacking the funds to buy out Hawkins and hire someone else the University of Colorado tried to make up a legitimate reason for keeping a coach with a 16-32 record.

"Dan represents the university's values on and off the field, and his team has been competitive this year," Colorado Chancellor Philip DiStefano said. "He has done all that we have asked him to do, and although we all desire more victories, we also recognize starting over with a new coach right now takes us away from, not closer to, our goals for CU football."

Of course The Ralphie Report is all over this with some great insight and thoughts.

If they felt a need to say something about the situation, just come out and say Dan Hawkins is our head coach for 2010 and leave it at that, especially if this was just a financial decision. There is no defending why he is coming back so don't try and sell me that Dan Hawkins has been "competitive." Dan Hawkins is the first coach in Colorado history to have four losing seasons to start his term. I am just glad they didn't say "we see progress" or I would have flipped a lid. - The Ralphie Report