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Monday’s Big 12 Football Thoughts


In taking a gander at the conference standings this morning and then the scores from Saturday I've come to the reality that the Big 12 is really bad. The best team in the North right now is Nebraska (two weeks ago it was Kansas State) who has a 21-point loss to the South's third place team and an ugly 2-point loss to Iowa State's JV team. Meanwhile, the second place team in the South (Oklahoma State) wouldn't be able to win Conference USA. It really is a year where there's Texas and then the other guys. A year after the experiencing quite possibly the best season in the history of the conference ten of the twelve teams have three losses or more. Congratulations, Texas you'll be champions of one of the worst seasons in the history of the conference.

Texas 47 - Baylor 14

The Longhorns reached 10 wins for ninth consecutive season by way of a blowout win. Up 40-0 at the half, Texas cruised through the second half scoring only on a defensive touchdown. With only Kansas and A&M (as well as the sacrificial bait from the north in the conference championship) in the way of a perfect season it looks as if Texas fans can start making their reservations for the BCS Championship.

Baylor must win out at A&M and against Tech to become bowl eligible.

Missouri 38 - Kansas State 10

Danario Alexander caught 10 passes for 200 yards and three scores to end Kansas State's run at the top of the Big 12 North. The good news for the Wildcats is that they still control their own destiny, somewhat, with a trip to Nebraska next week where the North champion will be decided. Nebraska's offense won't be as challenging as Missouri's but their defense much more so.

Colorado 10 - Iowa State 17

Don't look now but Iowa State is bowl eligible for the first time in three years. Paul Rhoads gets my vote for Big 12 Coach of the Year. Three second half turnovers helped guarantee that the Buffs won't be bowling this season and it may have written the end of the Dan Hawkins story in Boulder.

Nebraska 31 - Kansas 17

Next to Oklahoma the Jayhawks are my most disappointing team in the Big 12. I had them pegged to represent the North in the conference championship game and with Texas and Missouri waiting as the final two opponents there's at least a chance that they may not even qualify for the post season. How does that happen on a team with so much promise? At least Oklahoma had injuries to fall back on.

Texas A&M 10 - OU 65

I wasn't surprised at all that OU won this game but I was shocked at how quickly the game got out of control once the second quarter started. OU is now bowl eligible (only took 10 games) and the possibilities improve with each additional win. Holding the Big 12's top offense to just 10 points is quite an accomplishment.

Texas Tech 17 - Oklahoma State 24


This game actually took a backseat to the hit laid on Oklahoma State quarterback Zach Robinson by Jamar Wall. Most definitely the best hit of the week in the Big 12 if not in all of college football. Props to the Pokes for not choking it off and a memo to Mike Leach: Pick a quarterback and stick with him!