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Rumor: OU Will Wear Nike Pro Combat Uni's Against Tech

An example of what the gloves may look like.
An example of what the gloves may look like.

From NewsOK:

The Sooners will be wearing specially designed, state-of-the-art Nike uniforms called Nike Pro Combat, which the company calls "football's lightest system of dress ever created.

To which I say, why not give the players more padding, given all of these injuries.

A couple of notes about the rumored uni's:

  • The gloves will sport the word "Sooner" on the left wrist, and "Magic" on the right wrist.
  • The helmet will be white, with a crimson stripe, and a gray facemask.
  • When you create the "triangle" with your hands to catch a pass, you will be able to see an OU logo faintly in the glove material.
Of course, this is all unconfirmed, so I wouldn't say anything is official yet. Although, if they really are wearing them for Tech, then I guess we would be hearing about it pretty soon. Plus, I doubt someone would have spent the time and effort into "Photoshopping" all that stuff onto the gloves.