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A Bad Season Gets Worse - Two More Major Injuries

Brody Eldridge, considered OU's best all-around blocker, and Auston English, a standout defensive end, are both out for the season according to Bob Stoops.

In a cruel twist of irony, Eldridge wound up with almost exactly the same injury as Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Sam Bradford. The Oklahoman explains:

Eldridge suffered an AC sprain to his shoulder, similar to the injury that eventually knocked quarterback Sam Bradford out for the year. Eldridge tried to come back and play with the injury in the third quarter but only lasted a series.

Auston English, meanwhile, ruptured a tendon in his ankle in the first quarter. He will undergo season ending surgery on Tuesday morning.

This makes 9 OU starters that have been injured on the year, and four that have had their seasons cut short.

You hate to make excuses for poor performance, but this is just getting absurd.