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Do The Sooners Deserve To Be Ranked In The Top 25?

Let's stop and think for just a moment. If Team X has a 2-2 record including wins over an unranked Conference USA team and a winless FCS team and in two stints against ranked teams they're 0-2. If that team didn't include the words Oklahoma Sooners in the name would you label them as a ranked team? I certainly wouldn't and obviously that's the description of OU's 2009 football team.

Unfortunately we learned a few things about the 2009 Sooner football team that we really didn't want to know (like the offensive line still stinks) and created some more questions in the process. Let's take a look at them!

A: A Lot!

Q: How much did play calling have to do with Oklahoma's inability to convert crucial third downs.

Play calling was limited all night after Ryan Broyles went out but then again, so was personnel. As stated previously I didn't like the draw plays on third and long, I also didn't care too much for the Mossis Madu series either. However, I can understand the reasons why the plays were called though.

A: A Lot More Than The Offense!

Q: How much did the defense have to do with Oklahoma's loss to Miami?

Oklahoma's defense couldn't get that final stop when it had Miami facing a crucial third and six. I knew they were going to dump the ball underneath, you knew they were going to dump it underneath, the whole world knew they were going to dump it underneath because they had been doing it all night. Then there's the matter of the blown coverage on the 38 yard touchdown pass to Travis Benjamin in the third quarter. Dude was wide open!

Oklahoma's offense scored 20 points and were only out gained by one yard. The Sooners had 13 more rushing yards than the Hurricanes and despite the questionable play calling put Oklahoma in position to win the game.

A: Brandon Caleb

Q: With Ryan Broyles out who becomes the quarterback's main target.

Caleb has 14 receptions for 201 yards and 2 touchdowns on the season, if you're keeping track that's 145 yards and 5 touchdowns less than Broyles. The next two receivers behind Caleb are Cameron Kenny (9 receptions, 110 yards, 1 touchdown) and Mossis Madu (5 receptions, 32 yards).

I think that the coaches are going to be forced to give Adron Tennell another shot because they need someone who can stretch the field. Also look for Kenny to take a bigger role than what he already has.

A: Cotton Bowl

Q: Realistically what is Oklahoma's best bowl scenario?

Technically the Sooners could wind up back in the desert at the Fiesta Bowl if they win the Big 12 Conference but do we really want to bank on that happening at this point. The Cotton Bowl may not be the correct answer here either as the loser of the Big 12 title game is usually invited to the Cotton Bowl. However, a three loss OU team could get the invite because of proximity and the number of OU fans who travel.

A: Holiday Bowl

Q: Realistically what is Oklahoma's worst bowl scenario?

This season is starting to look more and more like 2005 but there still could be some 2006 there. The offensive line will make the difference in my opinion.