What's the point?

Can someone please explain to me what's the point of blitzing our linebackers when we play our DB's 10 yards of the line of scrimmage? They have no chance of getting to the QB assuming he and/or the offensive coordinator have a brain and can recognize that all they have to do is three step drop and throw. Even more confusing, how do our DB's ever get beat deep when they constantly have a 8-10 yard head start? Between the quick outs and short crossing routes across the middle in front of our LB's whenever they don't blitz opposing teams should never have to do anything else and they'd easily win the game.

Why are our coaches absolutely incapable of adjusting in-game? How many times do they have to complete easy passes in front of Reynolds/Clayton/Lewis before they adjust their freaking scheme? I have to apologize in advance for this next one because it is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine, so you all may not agree but this drives me crazy. Why do they insist on always keeping all three LB's on the field at all times? When do we ever play a third cornerback? The answer is never. Instead, they apparently think it is a good idea to match up Clayton against a WR? They absolutely raved about Hurst during summer practices and he's been an animal on special teams so far, so why won't they ever play him outside of mop up duty? Why would any high school CB come to OU? They're never going to get to play, outside of special teams, until their 3rd year and even they all they get to do is play VERY soft cover 2 coverage. Have Stoops/Venables/Wright ever heard of this thing called man-to-man or bump and run? They burned all those freshman's redshirt year in the Idaho St. game and then when we're up 45-0 in the 4th quarter against Tulsa we still have our starters in the game? There is no one, Stoops included, who can justify why Reynolds was in that game in the 4th quarter. Why are they so afraid to play the backups?

I don't know how you could be an OU fan and not respect the heck out of Ryan Reynolds. I know I do, but he is a two down linebacker and saying that doesn't make me a hypocrite. He is invaluable to our defense, but the coaches are constantly putting him in a position to get exposed and it's not fair to him or anyone else for that matter.

This is my first post so I don't necessarily expect anyone here to believe me when I say I really don't think I'm "that fan." I am a diehard, so admittedly at times it's hard to be objective but in this instance I don't think I'm being unreasonable. This post is purely a product of extreme frustration and a need to vent that frustration w/ my fellow Sooner fans. I welcome any opinions/responses whether they agree or disagree. I've been a long time viewer here, but last night was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. Kevin Wilson is another matter entirely, so maybe if this post is received well I can address that issue as well. Hopefully you all don't kill me and thanks for allowing me to vent.

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