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10-31-09 Non-OU Football Game Thread


Another night game has us waiting all day to see the Sooners in action. That means college football all day for us though with a couple of interesting games before Oklahoma's nightcap. Unfortunately for Sooner fans the two best games this weekend, big picture wise, are night games as well. Looks like there'll be a lot of scoreboard watching and split-screen viewing going on tonight. Is it wrong to only answer the door for trick-or-treaters on commercials? I don't think so!

Big 12 Slate

11:30 – Nebraska at Baylor: This game is huge for both schools! If Nebraska wants to resurrect any hope of winning the Big 12 North then they can’t afford to drop this one. If Baylor wants to resurrect any hope of…well anything then they have to take advantage of this opportunity.  


12:30 – Missouri at Colorado: This is Missouri’s best chance to get a W in conference play to date. That is unless the Buffaloes use the same game plan that they did against Kansas.


2:30 – Kansas at Texas Tech: Before anyone writes off the Jayhawks because of their current two game losing streak they should remember what Texas A&M did to the Red Raiders last week.


2:30 – Iowa State at Texas A&M: This game suddenly has a lot more merit than anybody thought that it would have.


6:00 – Kansas State at OU: Do I really have to tell you why I’m interested in this game?


7:00 – Texas at OSU: OSU was dealt a tough blow this week with the news that Dez Bryant would be in uniform again this season. I don’t see O-State beating the Longhorns without him.


National Games Of Interest

2:30 – Florida/Georgia: I’ve got to be honest. I’m only interested in this game to see how the SEC officials bail out Florida this week.


7:00 – USC at Oregon: The Oregon team that played against Boise State to start the season stands no chance in this game. However, fortunately for all the Trojan haters out there that Oregon team disappeared after the debacle on the smurf turf and has been replaced by a team that’s winning by an average of 22 points per game since.


OU/Kansas State game thread will be up an hour before kickoff.