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Saturday Open Thread


I apologize for the tardiness of today's post. My son's 9:00 am football game turned into 9:00 and 11:00 football games. Anyway, happy football day!

There's lots of football to be played today before the Sooners and Canes kickoff tonight at 7:00. In the Big 12 Oklahoma, once again, has the top game followed by Texas A&M at Arkansas which is also a night game. There are only six conference teams in action today with Kansas State and Iowa State both starting their conference season in Ames. Digest this for just a second, at the end of the day today either Kansas State or Iowa State will be on top of the North. Talk about being kings for a week.

Big 12 Schedule 10-3-09
2:00 - Kansas State @ Iowa State
2:30 - New Mexico @ Texas Tech
6:00 - Kent @ Baylor
6:30 - Texas A&M @ Arkansas
7:00 - Oklahoma @ Miami
Colorado 24 @ West Virginia 35

Looking at games from around the nation I'm very curious to see how the USC/Cal game ends up because like OU/Miami it is a BCS elimination game with the loser no longer in championship contention.

LSU/Georgia could be an interesting game to keep an eye on because the Tigers could very well be knocked off their #4 ranking. LSU still has struggles from the quarterback position and had to hold off a late Mississippi State charge to preserve the win. The Bulldogs get them between the hedges and will be thinking upset.

Its Saturday in the fall which means wall-to-wall football. Check in here with you thoughts about games not featuring the Sooners. The OU/Miami game thread will be up an hour before kickoff.