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Tom Keegan Guarantees Kansas Victory

Who is Tom Keegan? He's a writer for LJW (The same paper that trashed Wayman Tisdale after he died) and he opines that the KU offense will lead the Jayhawks to victory over the Sooners, 28-24.

I've got a few thoughts here for you, Tom. First of all you're right about the Kansas offense. They are phenomenal and have been one of my favorites to watch this season. You are also right about the Oklahoma offense which has been frustrating to watch this season to say the least. However, the KU offense isn't going up against the OU offense and vice versa.

The Kansas offense has to go against, and beat, the OU defense and your 28 point prediction would be the most scored against the Sooners this season. It's really easy to look at the offenses and say, "Well Kansas sure has an advantage here!" without even a second thought tossed towards the two defenses that will be taking the field.

If the old saying that offense sells tickets and defense wins games is true then the Jayhawks could be in trouble. The Kansas defense allowed a Colorado squad who ranks dead last in the conference in points scored to put up 34 points. That's 9 points more than the Buffs season average! In fact, Southern Miss, Iowa State and Colorado have all scored more points in the last three games then what you've predicted OU to do on Saturday. It appears that Mr. Keegan likens the OU offense to be more in the same category of Northern Colorado, UTEP and Duke than the two Big 12 North bottom feeders. He also thinks that somehow a defense that's given up an average of 33 points in each of their last three games is going to hold Oklahoma to a touchdown below their season average.

I will say that I don't expect the OU defense to hold the Jayhawks to the 10 points their opponents are averaging this season but I would bet that's its below the 39 points per game that the Jayhawks are used to scoring. Looking at the fist six games on the Kansas schedule the strongest defense they've faced this year is Iowa State which is currently ranked 44th. I think that they're going to get to look at some things on Saturday that they've not yet seen this season.

I'm not going to go the opposite direction of Mr. Keegan and predict an OU victory, although I think that the chances are very good that will happen. Instead I'm going to go on and say that nothing is a given. Landry Jones has not been sharing reps in practice this week with Sam Bradford and it should be noted that Kansas defense resembles nothing of the Texas defense that Jones struggled against last week that Keegan pointed out. I don't think that anything is a given in this matchup. Kansas does have an offensive advantage, as well as the home field advantage but when it comes to preventing points from being put on the board its very lopsided towards the Sooners.